Salmon Legal has fast become a notable contributor to the Southeastern region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, principally because we understand the obstacles facing entrepreneurs and know how to help tackle them cost efficiently.

We bring legal knowledge and business experience to the table to help our clients through each phase of business development – from selecting the right business entity, to negotiating and drafting the key documents that will shape your venture’s financing and future, through exit.

We’re more than just attorneys, we’re advisors. From early stage businesses to sophisticated multi-million dollar institutions, we’ve worked with companies in many industries. Whether your business is just starting out and looking to avoid common pitfalls or is more mature and seeking advice on complex issues, we’ve got the background and experience to guide you.

Thinking about starting a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation? At Salmon Legal Florida’s charitable community constantly inspires us, and our attorneys are dedicated to helping new and developing nonprofit organizations thrive.

Whether you are considering starting a Florida nonprofit or have already begun the process of creating your entity and applying for federal tax-exempt status, the attorneys at Salmon Legal are here to help you get it done right the first time.

Did you should know that the Florida’s non-profit filing requirements and forms actually fall below IRS standards making it more likely that your application for 501(c)(3) non-profit status will be denied by the IRS?

At Salmon Legal we can help you navigate the formation and Form 1023 application process to ensure your non-profit submits the strongest application possible.

Some of the things the attorneys at Salmon Legal can help you with:

• Non-profit structuring and planning
• Drafting governing documents
• 501(c)(3) and IRS Form 1023 and Form 1023EZ filing
• Corporate Bylaws
• Amending existing documents for IRS compliance
• Employment agreements and manuals
• Independent Contractor agreements
• Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
• Non-profit fundraising registration
• Director agreements
Even the most simply structured nonprofit must satisfy complex legal and federal requirements. You want to contribute to the public interest, and we want to help you get there as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Mediation is an effective and flexible process used to help parties resolve disputes and avoid costly litigation. It involves a neutral third party – the mediator – who helps facilitate communication and settlement negotiations.

Unlike court, mediation is analogous to an informal, confidential business meeting where parties have the opportunity to speak candidly and work toward a common goal – problem solving/dispute resolution. The process empowers the individuals to retain control of the critical decisions that affect their personal, financial, and business interests.

The mediators at Salmon Legal are certified to mediate all types of disputes including commercial or business, family and divorce, personal injury claims, employment and discrimination, insurance matters, and citizen or neighbor disputes. Before filing a lawsuit, consider alternative dispute resolution mediated by Salmon Legal.

From complex commercial litigation and defense work to simple transactions – we have you covered.

Whether you’re involved in a dispute, need to protect your rights, or just get a deal done, the attorneys at Salmon Legal are ready to help.

Our clients include everything from large multimillion-dollar enterprises to small one-man shops. We regularly represent domestic and international entities, business owners, entrepreneurs, importers, exporters, investors, etc.

Some of our experience includes:

  • Handling complex commercial litigation and defense work
  • Debt collections
  • Resolving corporate disputes of all types
  • Serving as local counsel for foreign entities
  • Structuring and drafting co-founder agreements
  • Serving as outside general counsel for ventures of all sizes
  • Negotiating and drafting import and distribution agreements
  • Negotiating and master service level agreements
  • Advising on employment issues
  • Assisting in corporate restructuring
  • Preparing, negotiating, and finalizing agreements related to most types of commercial transactions
  • Representing major corporations in respect to all legal matters within Florida

At Salmon Legal, we are fully equipped to handle your commercial transactions and litigation. Plus we have a tremendous outside network of professionals and colleagues who can be called upon as additional resources.

If you seek entry into the United States – whether as a pathway to citizenship or as an investor, visitor, or employee – you may want legal counsel. There are a multitude of steps required to gain entry, let us guide you.

From obtaining basic visitor visas to securing pathways to unconditional residency, we encourage and are enthusiastic about immigration. We have assisted a range of clients, from individual employee based immigrants to high net worth foreign executives.

If you’re considering travelling, living, and/or working in the US, we can help you file visa applications, gather all documentation that may be requested, and prepare for necessary interviews. The immigration process can be cumbersome. We’re here to help.


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