At Salmon Legal we understand what it takes to start and grow a business. Let us help you make your idea into a reality.


We focus on investors and early stage ventures

A majority of our legal work is focused on early stage and high growth ventures and all the amazing people that make those projects happen. We regularly represent entrepreneurs, professional investors, angel investors, high-net worth investors, investment funds, and rapidly scaling companies in a wide range of industries.

services for investors

Investing in early stage ventures is not like investing in an established company or the stock market. The deals are different, the equity purchased is often flexible, and the risk factors change depending on when you get your money in. We help investors evaluate opportunities, group together, and structure and deploy capital. 


Getting an early stage venture off the ground, prepared, and through financing rounds is tricky.  We understand the obstacles facing entrepreneurs and know how to help overcome those challenges. Our clients have raised many millions of dollars. 

general counsel for startups

For our best ventures, funds, and clients who need ongoing legal support. We offer flat rates general counsel services to support everything from internal administration and operations to strategic guidance and deal making. 


Mediation is an effective and flexible process used to help parties resolve disputes and avoid and settle lawsuits.  As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, David H. Salmon has mediated hundreds of cases on all sorts of topics. Before filing a lawsuit or blowing up a deal, consider a mediation with a professional third party neutral.

transactions and deals

Negotiating, documenting, and closing a deals effectively is how businesses succeed. Whether you need help with a specific transaction, or structuring your internal team and operations, or go-to-market contracts, or customer and suppliers agreements. We can help. Our clients include everything from large multimillion-dollar enterprises to small one-person shops.

investor visas and immigration

If you seek entry into the United States – whether as a pathway to citizenship or as an investor, visitor, or employee – you probably want help through the processes. From obtaining basic visitor visas to securing pathways to unconditional residency, we encourage and are enthusiastic about immigration. We have assisted a range of clients, from individual employee based immigrants to high net worth foreign executives. If you’re considering traveling, living, and/or working in the US, we can help you file visa applications, gather all documentation that may be requested, and prepare for necessary interviews. 

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